Reuse Waste/Swop

Reusing waste is always a good thing to do. 

There are some items that can be used again either for the same purpose or for a different purpose such as:

  • Reusing jam jars as storage containers
  • Reusing plastic bottles for water or other drinks
  • Giving clothes to charity and second hand clothes shops 
  • Repairing furniture etc for further use.

In the past, reuse and repair were much more common. 

Reuse is still a part of our culture – why not check out your local charity shops which sell second-hand goods that might otherwise be waste requiring disposal. You can also keep items in use and preventing them from becoming waste by using or other reuse web sites. 

 Pass on and or buy school books from family, friends and schools mates or check out the school book exchange.

School Book Exchange

Environment Department   Phone 061-407190

Last update:27/09/2011