Real Nappies

Modern reusable nappies are the new alternative to disposable nappies.  They  can be, shaped, fitted, fastened easily with Velcro, poppers or ties and used with waterproof pants. Modern reusable nappies are machine washable in a 60 C wash. Nappy liners (like tissue paper|) catch messes and hygienically flushes down the toilet. Waste goes into the sewerage system instead of open rubbish sites. 

Real Nappies Shouldn't Cost the Earth

Did you know ?

  • Your baby will need about 4,500 nappy changes in 30 months


  • For this, 4 ½ trees are destroyed to keep one baby in disposable nappies.


  • One disposable nappy takes 200 to 500 years to biodegrade.


  • It takes a full cup of crude oil to produce the plastic for one disposable nappy.


  • Disposable Nappies contain paper pulp, plastics absorbent gel granules and c hemical additives in the plastics and perfumes.  All these chemicals and    materials  impact on your child and the environment.


  • An estimated 600,000 nappies are used every day in Ireland .


  • Most are tossed into household rubbish and nappies make up at least 4%   of  all household rubbish in Ireland .  


  • For a family with one baby, half of a typical waste bin will consist of   disposable  nappies.  One baby creates 2.5 tonnes of nappy waste in 2 years.


  • 94% of disposable nappies end up in landfill sites.


  • With washable nappies, you can save up to 50% of the costs (taking washing into account) and you will leave about 1 ton less waste.




Last update:27/09/2011