what is fairtrade

Fair Trade is about justice, not charity. Fair Trade production ensures: 

  • small scale farmers receive a fair and guaranteed price for their product and workers in plantations and factories receive a fair wage

  • a social premium, a set amount of money paid on top of the guaranteed price, is given to producers to invest in the development of their communities.

  • long-term trading contracts are provided so that farmers can have a degree of security;

  • minimum health, safety and environmental standards are guaranteed;

  • no child or forced labour can occur;

  • farmers may be encouraged to form co-operatives, whilst plantation and factory workers are free to  join trade unions.

Products that carry the Fairtrade Mark are guaranteed to meet these standards. It is argued that by selling and purchasing goods that have been fairly traded we can improve the prospects of many people in the developing world.

Last update:15/10/2007