Savour Limerick Recipe Booklet

"Savour Limerick (1,219 Kb) -  Enjoying Limerick’s great local produce and Saving food from waste" - wants you to enjoy creating and serving up recipes supplied by Limerick’s top chefs using local Limerick ingredients.  The aim of this recipe booklet is to encourage buying local produce, using up leftovers and preventing food waste – in addition to making some really great food! Savour Limerick includes:

  • Interesting and fun recipes using locally sourced produce
  • Delicious recipes for using up leftovers
  • Food waste prevention tips from the experts

Get stuck in – try the recipes with local ingredients, learn how to make the best of leftovers, and use the food waste prevention tips.

The local eateries who participated are the: Absolute Hotel, Bobby Byrnes, The Canteen, Greene's Bistro, Green Hill's Hotel, Mortells Deli and Seafood Restaurant, The Hunt Cafe, No.1 Pery Square, Savoy Hotel, Strand Hotel and the Cornstore.  The EPA's Local Authority Waste Prevention Network provided the funding for the Savour Limerick Project.

 Bon appétit everyone!

Last update:22/07/2013