Limerick Tidy Towns Initiative

A group of business people, retailers and members of the public are in preparations for the first phase of Limerick’s entry into the national Tidy Towns competition.

Members of the public are invited to give two hours of their time on Sunday 1st April by joining the Tidy Towns team in a clean-up of designated parts of the city centre. Registration on the day will take place from 11.30am until 12.30pm with the clean-up taking place at various locations from 12pm – 2pm.

The concept of reentering Tidy Towns was introduced by Helen O’Donnell, chair of the Limerick City Business Association, at a recent Limerick Local Heroes meeting in the city.

"I attended the Local Heroes Ideas Summit in Thomond Park and reiterated my idea to those in attendance. The image of the city was clearly a priority at the ideas summit. It was clear, judging by the feedback, that the citizens of Limerick had already embraced the initiative, and Tidy Towns was pretty much on everybody’s mind", O Donnell said.

"We have now brought members of the Limerick City Business Association, several members of the Limerick Local Heroes initiative group and other interested parties together and have put a plan in place to get the Tidy Towns initiative up and running. It is important that action is seen and our first step will be a clean-up of the city at which we hope individuals, families and businesses will come together to show their pride in Limerick city", she added.

"We will provide all necessary equipment including high visibility vests on the day. Street entertainment and, for the kids, Giggles The Clown with Pirate Captain Jack will do face Painting and balloon modeling. We are treating this event as a family fun day and want to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for all concerned. If we can set an example showing that having pride in your city can be fun, then we will have had a great start”, Helen O’Donnell notes.

Limerick City Council has announced its support for the initiative and some small steps have already been taken – in recent weeks an out-of-use phone booth was taken removed from the centre of town and a boarded facade got a new coat of paint.

"The team is currently preparing a thorough street audit in order to identify specific needs. Several participants have already volunteered to take responsibility for a street around their premises or homes and templates were shared but there is still a need for more people to help in this regard", O’Donnell adds.

The plan is to start with the area between Patrick Street, the Shannon, the Crescent and Parnell Street for the first year. An action plan is being devised at present, and a public launch of the initiative will happen in the near future, involving the authorities, the media, the schools and universities and so on. The judges will visit Limerick sometimes in June and if we make it through the first selection again in August.

If you are interested in pre-registering for the Tidy Towns clean-up day you can do so by logging on to: or contact Helen O’Donnell on

Tidy Towns

Tidy Towns is a concept that all participants can buy into; the simple but powerful idea that people can make a difference to their own area and make them better places to live, work and visit.

The initiative provides a framework for such ideas to come to life; a best practice guide to maximise intent and guarantee results creating a general standard of excellence and aiming towardsincreasing standards year on year.

Last update:28/03/2012