Frequently asked questions

Is there an application form for a licence?

Yes. Application forms are available from Limerick City Council, Environment Department, City Hall, Merchant's Quay, and Limerick. Telephone (061) 407190

Who can apply for a horse licence?

Only persons over the age of 16 can apply for a horse licence.

How much does a licence cost?

Application fee of €31.74 must be paid when the application has been granted. If the fee is not received on the notification of the granting of a licence, then the licence will not be issued.

What period does the licence cover?

12 months from the date of issue on the licence.

What happens after I apply for a licence?

When an application for a horse licence is received Limerick City Council will make arrangements to have the horse and the premises at which the horse is ordinarily kept inspected and will then decide to grant or refuse the licence. If a licence is to be granted the owner will have to arrange to have the horse identified by means of a microelectronic device implant before the licence will be issued. The number of this device will be included on the licence.

If the application is refused the applicant will be notified in writing and any representations received by the authority within 14 days of this notification will be considered. If the authority having considered any representations made refuses to grant a licence, the applicant will be notified in writing of the decision and the grounds for such a decision.

What can I do if a licence is not granted?

The applicant may within 14 days of receipt of a notification of refusal, appeal to the District Court. The refusal to grant a licence will be suspended until such time as the appeal is heard or withdrawn. If no appeal is made the decision to refuse to grant a licence will take effect after the period allowed for the appeal.

Are there any exemptions from holding a horse licence?

Yes. Horses brought into the Control Area for the purposes of a gymkhana, sale or showing of horses, or any event of an equine nature, for which the City Council has given prior written permission.

What documents are required to accompany the application for a horse license?

  1. Map & site details of land available for keeping a horse
  2. Deeds of available land and Folio number of the available land or documents relating to a lease agreement, where appropriate.
  3. Copy of insurance policy for horse
  4. Letter of indemnity from Insurance Company to Limerick City Council
  5. Evidence of availability of shelter/stables for horse with adequate ventilation, lighting etc. Planning Permission approval details if stables have been built or are being built.
  6. Evidence of availability of water supply for horse and food storage areas.
  7. In certain cases, evidence of age maybe requested.

Last update:26/01/2007