Control of Horses Act

The Control of Horses Act was introduced in 1996. This Act provides for the

  • control of horses
  • licensing of horses in urban and other areas 

The Department of Agriculture is responsible for the implementation of the Act, through the local authorities.

The Act can be divided into three main parts:

  • Part I is concerned with the general guidelines for controlling horses and the penalties regarding certain offences.
  • Part II deals with the licensing of horses in control areas, and
  • Part III sets guidelines on how Local Authorities can seize horses in their functional areas.

Under Section 13, Local Authorities can make bye-laws to further increase their powers for controlling horses within their functional area.

Limerick City Council has an agreement with a private company for the implementation of the legislation.

This company specialises in the:

  • seizure

  • acceptance,

  • detention,

  • release and

  • disposal

of horses under and in accordance with the provisions of the Control of Horses Act, 1996 and the Bye-Laws made thereunder.

Last update:08/06/2007