Septic Tank Systems and Water Pollution

Water Pollution

The Water Pollution Laboratory, Park Road Depot, Rhebogue,  Limerick is responsible for ensuring that the public water supply is suitable for human consumption. The Laboratory is responsible for the following:

1. Licensing of discharges to sewers and waters. Application forms available in the environment department.
2. Licensing of air emissions.
3. Investigations of illegal discharges to sewers and waters.
4. Investigations of noise complaints.
5. Investigations of air pollution complaints, odours etc.
6. Monitoring of Bathing Waters, Surface Waters, Drinking Waters.
7. Monitoring of air quality for smoke and sulphur dioxide at 3 locations:- O'Connell Street, Moyross & Southill.
8. Response and clean up of oil spills to water, acid spills to sewers (in association with Fire Authority and SEA-PT).
9. Monitoring drinking water including raw waters, settled, filtered and final waters as available to consumer.
10. Water Sludge monitoring.

(POG 20100217)

With effect from October, 2013, as part of the local authority merger process, water pollution matters in Limerick City and County are being dealt with jointly.

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 Contact E-mail Address for Discharge Licence Issues:

Section 16 of the Local Government (Water Pollution) Act, 1977 states that

"A person other than a sanitary authority shall not, after such date as may be fixed for the purpose of this section by order made by the Minister, discharge or cause or permit the discharge of any trade effluent or other matter (other than domestic sewage or storm water) to a sewer, except under and in accordance with a licence under this section granted by the sanitary authority in which the sewer is vested or by which it is controlled."

If therefore, you are operating any of the following types of business in Limerick City:

a) Food Service Establishment (Restaurant, Delicatessan, 'Take-Away', Café etc.

b) Accommodation (Hotel, Guest House etc.)

c) Industrial (with discharge)

d) Any other type of business where there is non-foul discharge to a sewer.

You will need to apply to Limerick City Council for a Trade Effluent Discharge Licence. The application form may be downloaded by double-clicking on the link below.

20120307 - Trade Effluent Discharge Licence Application (891 Kb)

Application Forms may be returned in 'hard copy' or electronically.

(20120307 pog)

Last update:08/10/2013