Registration of Fuel Suppliers

Registration of Soild Fuel Suppliers

Bagging Operators and Fuel Suppliers supplying bituminous coal for residential use within the state are required to:   

  • Register with the Environmental Protection Agency (Registration is free)
  • See,31750,en.html  for further information. 
  • Fuel Suppliers must maintain a register in which the following is entered:       
    • Details of the quantity of each of the regulated fuel types stored on their premises on the final day of every month.     
    • Details of daily transportation of regulated fuel types from their premises. Inculding the name and address of the person transporting the fuel, the quantity involved and the destination.       
    • Keep a register of their customers purchasing the above types of fuel

      Further Information

      Contact: Limerick City Council and Limerick County Council (Joint) Pollution Control Department
                    County Hall
                    Dooradoyle Road,
                    Co. Limerick
                    Tel.: (061) 496 264
                    Fax.: (061) 496 008

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