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Environment Department
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This relocation was undertaken in advance of the formal creation of a unitary local authority for Limerick City and County. For the time being however, existing staff will continue to be assigned to, and deal with matters relating to either Limerick City Council or Limerick County Council. The unitary local authority will come into existence in June 2014.

* Limerick County Hall is located on the Dooradoyle Road beside the Crescent Shopping Centre. It is served by bus routes 301 and 304 (alight at the Crescent Shopping Centre stop). Motorists and Pedestrians approaching from the flyover at Ballinacurra, and alighting bus passengers, should turn left at the Crescent Roundabout. County Hall is located approximately 350m further on, on the left hand side.

It is also adjacent to Junction 2 on the M20 motorway.

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The Legal Context 

Sections 4 (1) and 4 (2) of the Local Government (Water Pollution) Act, 1977 state that:

(1) (a) Subject to subsection (2), a person shall not, after such date as may be fixed for the purpose of this subsection by order made by the Minister, discharge or cause or permit the discharge of any trade effluent or sewage effluent to any waters except under and in accordance with a licence under this section.

 (b)A licence under this section may be granted—

  (i) in the case of a discharge to waters in the functional area of a local authority, by that local authority, and

  (ii) in any other case, by a local authority in whose functional area any premises, works, apparatus, plant or drainage pipe from which the effluent is discharged is situated.

  (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to discharges—

  (a) to tidal waters from vessels or marine structures,

  (b) from a sewer, or

  (c) the subject of regulations under subsection (10).

The Act defines "waters" so as to include

  • (a) any (or any part of any) river, stream, lake, canal, reservoir, aquifer, pond, watercourse or other inland waters, whether natural or artificial,
  • (b) any tidal waters, and
  • (c) where the context permits, any beach, river bank and salt marsh or other area which is contiguous to anything mentioned in paragraph (2) (a) or (2) (b) above, and the channel or bed of anything mentioned in paragraph (2) (a) above which is for the time being dry,

  but not a sewer.


  • regulations, signed into law in 1978 and 1992,
  • an amendment to this Act in 1990, and
  • the Water Services Act, 2007,

sanitary authorities are enabled to licence discharges of trade effluents to public sewers accordingly.

Administration of Discharge Licencing

Limerick City Council is empowered to act as the sanitary authority for all areas inside the city boundary.  

Further Information

Contact: Limerick City Council and Limerick County Council (Joint) Pollution Control Department
              c/o County Hall
              Dooradoyle Road
              Co. Limerick
              Tel.: (061) 496 264
              Fax.: (061) 496 008
              E-mail: dischargelicences@limerickcoco.ie

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