Devon Estate Rentals, 1774-1893 (from microfilm)

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Receiving Rental of the Devon Estate, county Limerick (1861-1862)  Rental of the Estate of Lord Viscount Courtenay (1762)


Courtenay's, Earls of Devon, Devonshire, England, Estate, Newcastle West, county Limerick, Rent


Devon Estate Rentals

Biographical / Historical Note

The Devon Estate in Newcastle West was granted to Sir William Courtenay, Knight of Powerham in Devonshire, on 23 September 1591. The family held the title Earls of Devon and the land in Limerick eventually comprised 85,000 acres. It was held by the Courtenays, until the sale of the estate in 1908 under the 1903 Land Act, when practically all the lands of the Devon Estate were sold. The last agents on the Courtenays in Newcastle West were the Curling family who were agents from 1848 until the sale of the Estate when they bought the castle building and some of the surrounding land under the sale.

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   P6/1. Receiving Rental of the Devon Estate, county Limerick., 29 September 1861-29 March 1862 (DjVu - 6.2 Mb)
    Receiving Rental of the Devon Estate, county Limerick. Details of half year's rent received from each tenant are recorded under the following headings: general rental number, denominations and tenants' names, contents of each holding in Irish Measure, tenants' debits (arrears of rent returned to 29 September 1861, half years rent due 29 March 1862, total of arrears and rent), tenants' credits for payments made (date of payment, amount paid), total amount of receipts, allowances by order of Trustees, rent lost by investment or ejected tenants or cancelled by order of Trustees, total arrears remaining due at 25 March 1862, observations, income tax allowed, proportion of poor rate allowed to Tenants (date of Levy allowed, amount allowed, total amount allowed). Includes also summary of rent received from each townland, summary of Newcastle, summary of town fields, and general summary of half years.
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   P6/2. Rental of the Estate of Lord Viscount Courtenay, 1762 (DjVu - 3.4 Mb)
    Details of the rental of the Estate of Lord Viscount Courtenay
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