Turf Production Scheme: Limerick City Council Planning and Development, 1940-1958

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Turf Production Administrative Files (1940-1958)


Turf Production Schemes


Muintir na Tire, Limerick City Council

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During World War Two, there was a considerable shortage of imported fuel. It became the responsibility of the Local Authority to ensure that turf was available to meet the entire requirements of their district. Turf Production Schemes received direction from central government but were managed locally.

Turf producing areas were required to ensure that at least two crops were cut from every bank face.

Parish councils in areas which did not produce turf but were within reasonable distance of bogs had to arrange for producers in turbary areas to cut turf for them.

In towns adjacent to bog districts, coal producers were urged to arrange by  contract with producers or by direct production for securing large quantities of hand won turf.

Factories operating on turf had to make suitable arrangements to secure their fuel supply from the bog.

Muintir na Tire established a Fuel Committee to bring turf to the poor ofLimerickcity free of charge. This collection consists of files relating to various turf production schemes which were co-ordinated by Limerick City Council during World War II.

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Turf Production Administrative Files (1940-1958)


   L/PD/EC/2/1/1. 13 December 1940-2 June 1949 (DjVu - 8.44 Mb)
    File relating to the financial administration of turf production schemes. Includes scheme for married unemployed men to be transported to bogs to cut turf for themselves and their families; scheme for workers to cut turf on their annual holidays; scheme to supply turf to city institutions. File includes circulars and correspondence between City Manager, Limerick Corporation, Department of Industry and Commerce, and Irish Transport and General Workers Union.
Extent: c. 80pp
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   L/PD/EC/2/1/2. c. 1940 (DjVu - 0.20 Mb)
    File relating to proposals to establish Limerick Industries Limited to produce, distribute and sell turf in Limerick City and County.
Extent: 5pp
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   L/PD/EC/2/1/. 20 June 1941 (DjVu - 9.12 Mb)
    File with forms from the Department of Industry and Commerce Employment Branch, which lists the names of men from Limerick, who are willing to Cut turf for 30s. per week. Entries are made under the following pre-printed columns ‘name of town or townland’, ‘name of workman and No. of qualification certificate’, ‘address of workman’, ‘weekly rate U.A’
Extent: c. 70pp
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   L/PD/EC/2/1/4. 21 April 1941-10 March 1948 (DjVu - 9.12 Mb)
    General file relating to the production and supply of turf during the Emergency. Topics include the turf requirements of each parish in Limerick; supply and transport of turf to Limerick from other districts; pricing of turf in Limerick ; participation of the employees of various Limerick factories and companies in turf production scheme during their annual leave; financial assistance for poor to purchase fuel; work of the Fuel Committee, Muintir na Tíre, supply of turf for City institutions (Limerick Mental Hospital, and Limerick City Home and Hospital). Includes letters with comments such as ‘No one seems to know how much (turf) they would require. The people of this parish have no bogs and no experience of burning turf’ (letter to James J.Berkery, town clerk and county commissioner, from Denis Smyth, Hon. Sec, Muinitir na Tire Knockainy, Hospital, county Limerick, 12 May 1941); Copy letter from Berkley to Department of Local Government ‘I cannot speak too highly of the wonderful work they (Fuel Committee, Muintir na Tire) have done for the poor of the city. Were it not for their efforts, the situation would have been very critical. I am satisfied that it is essential that the fuel scheme should continue to be operative during the coming Winter (1947)
Extent: c. 80pp
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   L/PD/EC/2/1/5. 19 February 1951-6 May 1958 (DjVu - 18.2 Mb)
    File relating to turf production schemes from 1951 onwards. Includes circulars from the Department of Local Government discussing fuel shortages, instructions on acquiring bog land, bog development, transport of works, and employment; includes letters from city manager to Bord na Mona regarding supply of turf to city institutions; includes also copy of brochure from Bord na Mona titled ‘Use of Turf in Industrial Appliances’.
Extent: c. 50pp
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