Public Health Services Pre- 1960: Limerick City Council

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L/AH/PH/1/10-11consists of files relating to schemes to prevent and treat venereal diseases and the operation of a diphtheria immunisation scheme in the county borough ofLimerick.

L/AH/PH/1/12/1-2 relates to the public health scheme to provide school meals to children. School meals provided by public authorities had their origin in Education (Provision of Meals) Acts, 1914 to 1917 which authorized borough and urban district council to make provision of meals for children attending national schools in their district.

In 1930 similar power was given to town commissioners. If any school children inPublic Health Services Pre- 1960: Limerick City Council the area of these authorities was unable by reason of lack of food to take full advantage of the education provided for them, and there are no other funds available to defray the costs, the local authority can be authorized by the central authority to expend from the rates an amount that will meet the cost of food.

Half of the actual expenditure on food was recouped out of a state grant. Meals generally consisted of milk/coca and bread and butter.

L/AH/ PH/1/13 relates to the maternity and child welfare scheme in the 1940’s in county borough ofLimerick. Since 1915 local authorities have had the power to attend to the health of expectant mothers and children.

In addition to medical supervision and advice, food and medicines were also supplied. Additionally parents who were in receipt of home assistance or who could not afford to purchase an adequate supply of milk for children under five were supplied with milk free of charge.

L/AP/PH/1/15 The law relating to safeguarding food supply was contained in the Sale of Food and Drugs Acts 1875-1936, the Milk and Daries Act 1935, and the Slaughter of Animals Act 1935, Part V of the Health Act 1947, and the Health of Act of 1953, and the Food Hygiene Regulations of 1950 and 1952.

The legislation was designed to ensure so far as possible that the public was not deceived by adulteration and fraud and that the public health is not injured by food and drink that is contaminated or otherwise unfit for use.

The enforcement of these provisions was mainly in the hands of the health inspectors. Inspectors of the local authority took samples and submitted them to the public analyst appointed by the local authority. If the report was unfavourable than the Inspector could prosecute the perpetrator.

Section D relates to other medical institutions in Limerick City , which were private institutions, and outside the direct control of Limerick Corporation but did receive financial support from the Corporation.

These files includes correspondence and annual reports received front Barrington’s Hospital, St. John’s Hospital, the Maternity Hospital in Bedford Row and the County Infirmary on Mulgrave Street.

See also P5 Bedford Lying-In Maternity Hospital and L/FM Financial Management Pre-1934.

This section also included annual reports received from the Limerick District Mental Hospital . This independent authority was funded by both Limerick Corporation and Limerick County Council. It was abolished under the Health Act 1960.

See P33 Limerick District Mental Hospital.

Section F relates to attempts to reorganise Health services inLimerickCityand County between 1930’s and 1950’s.

It is useful for researchers examining the role of Limerick City Council, Limerick County Council, and the Department of Local Government and Public Health (afterwards Department of Health) in bringing about the 1960 Health Act

This collection is very useful to researchers of health and social services provided in Ireland in early to mid twentieth century, specific medial institutions in Limerick City, background to modern health service, and biography of individuals such as McPolin, whose letters, reports, and opinions are laced through out the collection.



Public Health Services Pre- 1960


Limerick City Council

Biographical / Historical Note

The role of Local Authorities in the provision of health services was inherited from the predecessor body the Limerick Union Board of Guardians. 

The guardians operated under two codes. Firstly, the poor law that regulated the hospitals and dispensaries, and secondly the Public Health Acts that governed sanitary and curative health services.

Between 1898 and 1925 the functions of the Limerick Union Board of Guardians were handed over toLimerick

Firstly, under the 1898 Local Government Act, the right to collect poor rates was transferred from the Board of Guardians to the borough and County Council ( See Collection List L/FR/PR ). In addition a new local authority called the Limerick District Mental Hospital Committee was also created (see P33). 

Both Limerick Corporation and Limerick County Council contributed the finances to pay for its operations, and its membership consisted of members of both local authorities.

An amalgamation scheme to abolish workhouses and replace them with a county home and county hospital in each administrative county had been recommended by the Viceregal Commission of Enquiry (which reported in 1903) and a Royal Commission on the Poor Law (which reported in 1909).

This was carried through in 1922 when all the Boards of Guardians inLimerickCountywere abolished and the county hospital was established in Croom and the county home at Newcastle West for the old and infirm ofLimerickCounty. 

The Limerick Union Board of Guardians was also abolished and the rural parts of the old Limerick union situated inLimerickand Clare, were amalgamated into their respective counties. The urban part was put under the jurisdiction of the Borough Council. 

The workhouse on the Shelbourne Road became the City Home and Hospital. As Limerick Corporation had lost the rate income provided by the rural districts of the former poor law union; there was considerable financial pressure in administering the Poor Law and health services from the urban area poor rate alone.

Under the 1925 Local Government Act, the management of the City Home and Hospital, home assistance scheme and other health services for the Limerick county Borough, was transferred to a Board of Health and Public Assistance forLimerickCity. This board was to consist of ten members from Limerick Corporation and though it were appointed and financed by the county borough, it was to be independent from the local authority itself.

In 1929, the Board was dissolved and replaced by a commissioner. The commissioner resigned in 1931, due to disputes with the Borough Council over administration and financing of the home assistance scheme and other issues.  The Board of Health again took office. 

Between 1932 and 1933, the numbers of unemployed inLimerickcity receiving financial aid known as home assistance increased significantly. This precipitated a financial crisis in theLimerickcounty borough Board of Health and Public Assistance, which threatened the financial stability of the parent local authority, Limerick Corporation. This led to the McLysaght Enquiry, and ultimately led to the 1934 Management Act.

Under the 1934 Management Act, the Limerick County Borough Board of Health was abolished and its properties and functions transferred to the Corporation.  The Tuberculosis Committee set up under the Acts of 1908 and 1913 was similarly subsumed. This was the first time that the health services were integrated with the municipal authority inLimerick.

The health services provided by Limerick Corporation and its’ predecessor bodies were driven by legislative requirements found under the public health acts. They included services relating to the care and treatment of the sick and include functions such as maintenance of hospitals and other health institutions, prevention and control of infectious diseases, safeguarding the health of mothers and children, prevention of danger from food and control of sale of medical and toilet preparations.

The health provisions in the Public Health Acts and other statues were bought together, modernised and incorporated in the Health Act, 1947. This health act also stipulated that 50% of expenditure on health be provided by central government in the form of grants to local bodies. Administration of the public health acts, which had related specifically to sanitation services, became part of the Local Government (Sanitary Services)

The Health Act of 1953 transferred the county and district hospital and dispensaries to the health authorities and detached from the public assistance scheme the treatment of the sick.

In 1960, the Limerick Health Authority was established to administer the health services of both city and county, and all of the functions of the Limerick Mental Hospital Board, which was abolished. Thus the health system forLimerickCitywas no longer absorbed by the Corporation.

Adminstrative Information

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Publications: Matthew Potter, The Government and People of Limerick

Collection Content

Medical Superintendent Officer of Health Annual Reports 1912-1938

Printed Annual Reports on the health and sanitary condition of the City ofLimerick, submitted by the medical superintendent officer of health.

Reports include list of members of the public health committee, and of officers of the public health committee; vital statistics relating to population of Limerick; statistics on infectious diseases such as scarlatina, enteric fever, diphtheria, and consumption; report of the Sanatorium Benefits under the Insurance Act which include a tuberculosis dispensary, domiciliary treatment and provision of beds in a Sanatorium, report on disinfection of streets and houses; statistics on sanitary work carried out; reports on housing of the working classes; reports on meals for school children, water supply, baths and wash houses, public conveniences, bakehouses, slaughter houses, offensive trades, common lodging houses, ambulance calls,  orders under the Tuberculosis (Ireland) Order 1913, and weather statistics. 

Individuals who held the position of Medical Superintendent Officer of Health include Michael S. McGrath (1912-1929), T.W. Moran (1931-1933; 1935), H. G Roche-Kelly (1934), and James McPolin (1935).

   L/AH/PH/1/1/10. 1912 (DjVu - 0.75 Mb)
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   L/AH/PH/1/1/11. 1913 (DjVu - 0.60 Mb)
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   L/AH/PH/1/1/12. 1914 (DjVu - 0.60 Mb)
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   L/AH/PH/1/1/13. 1915 (DjVu - 0.60 Mb)
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   L/AH/PH/1/1/23. 1925 (DjVu - 0.70 Mb)
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   L/AH/PH/1/1/24. 1926 (DjVu - 0.68 Mb)
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   L/AH/PH/1/1/27. 1929 (DjVu - 0.98 Mb)
    1929 Includes report on Limerick Water Supply prepared by Professor Pierce F. Purcell, M. Inst. C. E
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   L/AH/PH/1/1/29. 1931 (DjVu - 0.30 Mb)
Extent: 8pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/1/30. 1932 (DjVu - 0.50 Mb)
Extent: 18pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/1/31. 1933 (DjVu - 0.72 Mb)
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   L/AH/PH/1/1/32. 1934 (DjVu - 0.32 Mb)
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   L/AH/PH/1/1/33. 1935 (DjVu - 0.44 Mb)
Extent: 17pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/1/36. 1.07 (DjVu - 1.07 Mb)
    1938 Includes annual report of Tuberculosis Officer and School Medical Officer
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B. Management of County Borough Health Services Pre 1934

(i) Public Health Committee (1910-1911)
   L/AH/PH/1/2/1. 12 January 1910-29 December 1911 (DjVu - 27.7 Mb)
    File of letters and reports submitted to the Public Health Committee, arranged by date at which matter was discussed at Committee meeting (See L/SMIN 8/1-10). Includes reports from the Medial Superintendent Officer of Health regarding number of infectious disease cases in Limerick; includes reports from Sanitary Inspectors regarding inspection of various Common Lodging Houses, inspection of suppliers of food produce and inspection of Theatre Royal and National Theatre; includes letters from individuals regarding notices served upon them to provide sanitary facilities in their property; includes reports and letters of complaints submitted by individuals and groups regarding public health matters or sanitary conditions; includes Medical Officer Returns for Half Year. Includes letters with comments such as ‘I beg to draw your attention to the unhealthy, unwholesome and unsanitary conditions of the Marine Store held by a man named Cropman (letter from Andrew Lee, 9 March 1911); Includes comments in reports such as ‘The inspectors beg to report that we visited at intervals the following registered Common Lodging Houses …during the month of November. We found them clean and well kept (28 November 1911) and ‘I am pleased to report that Scarlatina has not been so prevalent in the city for the past two weeks.’ (Report of M.S McGrath, M.S.O.H, 23 August 1911).
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(ii) Commissioner of Public Health (1930)
   L/AH/PH/1/3. 1 January 1930-30 June 1930 (DjVu - 16.6 Mb)
    Outgoing letter book consisting of copies of letters sent by the secretary to the Commissioner administrating the affairs of the Limerick County Borough Board of Health to correspondents such as Department of Local Government and Public Health, William M. Nolan (town clerk, Limerick Corporation), Resident Medical Officer of City Home and Hospital, Assistance Officer (City Dispensary, Limerick County Borough Board of Health, School Medical Officer (Limerick County Borough Board of Health), Tuberculosis Officer County (Limerick County Borough Board of Health) , various officers of other medical institutions, and suppliers of medical equipment. Includes letters regarding annual estimates of expenditure for Limerick County Borough of Health, cost of reorganising City Home and Hospital, cost of repairs work to City Dispensary Building, treatment of tuberculosis in Limerick City, requisitions for medical supplies and employment of medical staff. Includes also letters regarding liability for maintenance and treatment of patients in City Home and Hospital which dependant on individuals case and financial status were sent to relatives of patient, Pension Officers, employers and National Health Insurance Committees, or the assistance officer (Limerick County Borough Board of Health).Includes letters regarding financial assistance for treatment or supplies such as glasses, and crutches which particular persons were entitled under various schemes including home assistance and boarded out children. Includes letters regarding the admittance of Limerick patients to medical institutions such as Catholic Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital.
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(iii) Sanctions for the Department of Local Government (1923-1932)
   L/AH/PH/1/4/1. 27 January 1923-29 July 1927 (DjVu - 25 Mb)
    27 January 1923-29 July 1927. Includes plans and specifications for proposed Sanitary Annexe at City Home and Hospital.
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   L/AH/PH/1/4/3. 6 January 1928-21 December 1929 (DjVu - 17.6 Mb)
    6 January 1928-21 December 1929
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   L/AH/PH/1/4/4. 9 January 1929-3 December 1929 (DjVu - 23.4 Mb)
    9 January 1929-3 December 1929
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   L/AH/PH/1/4/5. 12 December 1929-22 December 1932 (DjVu - 19.4 Mb)
    12 December 1929-22 December 1932
Extent: c. 160pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/4/6. 4 January 1932-31 December 1932 (DjVu - 10 Mb)
    4 January 1932-31 December 1932
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C.Administration of the City Home and Hospital 1923-1970 (i) Committee of Management (1923-1924)
   L/AH/PH/1/5. 24 July 1923-3 April 1924 (DjVu - 10.9 Mb)
    Minute Book of the Committee of Management of Limerick City Home and Hospital. Topics discussed include management issues such as, staffing of home and hospital, annual expenditure, tenders received for supply of food, medicines, medical supplies and other services, reports from House steward and others regarding patients and conditions in the Home and Hospital, implementation of orders received from the Department of Local Government and Public Health and other matters. Members of the Committee included deputy mayor, city councillors and house steward and secretary. Includes also occasional reference to city dispensaries and public health schemes for Limerick City.
Extent: c. 200pp
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(ii) Tender Books and Correspondence (1935-1939)

Volumes consisting of tenders and estimates for various medical equipment, surgical equipment, food supplies, furniture, building repair and improvement work, coal, printing requirements, and other goods and services required by the City Home and Hospital. 

Estimates generally addressed to the Limerick City Manager, or the secretary of the Limerick City Home and Hospital.

Includes also applications for position of stocktaker at the City Home and Hospital and completed General Forms of Tender whereby suppliers describes articles to be supplied, price per arcticle, and quantities.

   L/AH/PH/1/6/1. 28 February 1935- 18 September 1936 (DjVu - 22.8 Mb)
    28 February 1935- 18 September 1936
Extent: c. 160pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/6/2. 22 September 1936- 9 March 1938 (DjVu - 22.8 Mb)
    22 September 1936- 9 March 1938
Extent: c. 160pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/6/3. 29 June 1938-13 December 1939 (DjVu - 0.70 Mb)
    29 June 1938-13 December 1939
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(iii) Laundry Construction (1950)
   L/AH/PH/1/7. 29 January 1950-26 September 1950 (DjVu - 0.71 Mb)
    29 January 1950-26 September 1950
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D. County Borough Health Schemes (1910-1970)

(i) Tuberculosis Schemes 1910-1958
   L/AH/PH/1/9/1. 1909-1914 (DjVu - 1.13 Mb)
    Circulars from the Local Government Board, Dublin enclosing copies of the Tuberculosis Prevention (Ireland) Act, Summary of Provisions of the Act, Order of the Board prescribing the forms and stages of Tuberculosis to which the Act shall apply, Regulations relating to the notification of Tuberculosis, Tuberculosis (Procedure of Committees) Order 1913 and 1914, Tuberculosis Accounts of Committees Order 1914.
Extent: 10pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/9/2. 15 April 1941-26 September 1942 (DjVu - 1.49 Mb)
    File relating to provision of alternative accommodation for Public Health Staff located in the Authenaeum Buildings. Includes correspondence between City Manager and Department of Local Government and Public Health, and correspondence with Messrs G Spillanes and Co regarding rent of premises at William Street. Includes correspondence relating to recoupment of rent costs from the Department for premises used in connection with the School Medical Service, Tuberculosis Scheme, and School Meals Schemes.
Extent: 27pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/9/3. 19 April 1943- 30 September 1943 (DjVu - 2.43 Mb)
    File relating to the reorganisation of the Limerick County Borough Tuberculosis Scheme. File consists of correspondence and reports between city manager, James McPolin (M.S.O.H), and Department of Health. Includes letter from McPolin to city manager commenting that ‘Tuberlocosis scheme in its present state of organisation and methods is extremely unsatisfactory. It is not properly co-ordinated and it violates every principal of medical practice in relation to the family right to privacy ‘(19 April 1943). Includes drafts of reorganisation of scheme prepared by McPolin and an alternate scheme prepared by the city manger (10 June 1943). Includes also copy of reply sent to the Irish Red Cross following their enquiry regarding tuberculosis services in Limerick city (13 May 1943). Includes details of expenditure on the treatment of tuberculosis for half year ended 30 September 1943.
Extent: c. 25pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/9/4. 1 July 1946-30 December 1947 (DjVu - 4.74 Mb)
    File relating to the provision of tuberculosis services in Limerick city. Includes correspondence between Department of Local Government and Public Health, the City Manager, Dr. J. Mc Polin (Medical Superintendent Officer of Health) and Dr. M. Hanrahan (tuberculosis officer, Public Health, Limerick Corporation. Topics discussed include medical equipment needed for tuberculosis service at City Home and City Sanatorium; arrangements for visiting thoracic surgeon; scheme for the treatment of tuberculosis in the county borough approved by Minister for Health and establishment of tuberculosis clinics at city home and hospital, and city dispensary, Gerald Griffin Street;
Extent: c. 50pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/9/5. 23 September 1948-9 May 1950 (DjVu - 3.37 Mb)
    File relating to provision of mass radiography unit for Limerick City. Includes correspondence, reports, quotations for medical equipment, and extracts from minutes of city council. Includes letters from Limerick county manager and medical officer regarding sharing of radiography unit facilities and thoracic surgeon; includes preliminary report on County Cork Mobile X-Ray unit.
Extent: c. 35pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/9/6. 24 June 1948-17 December 1955 (DjVu - 7.61 Mb)
    File consisting of correspondence between Limerick County Borough and Department of Health relating to tuberculosis in Limerick City. Includes circulars from Department of Health, and reports submitted by the city medical officer to the Department. Includes letters relating to the approval of St. Raphael’s Preventorium, Montenotte Cork for reception and treatment under the Limerick County Borough T. B Scheme of children suffering from T.B (1948); vacant beds in City Home and Hospital (December, 1949); publicising of facilities available under the tuberculosis services (1949-1950); rejection of proposal to purchase County Club in Foynes as Sanatorium (1948); Limerick County Council acquisition of Foynes Hostel for use as an institution for treatment of children with T.B under age of 16 (1950); diagnostic facilities available to medical practitioners (1949); allocation of tuberculosis block grant; occupational therapy work in city sanatorium by Irish Red Cross volunteers (1950) ; arrangements for the provision of treatment for tuberculosis for ex-members of the British forces; Includes Government White Paper on Tuberculosis.
Extent: c. 70pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/9/8. 29 January 1955-18 August 1958 (DjVu - 0.83 Mb)
    File relating Limerick Regional Committee for Rehabilitation of Tuberculosis and the use of corporation premises at 37 William street as Rehabilitation Centre in Limerick. Includes correspondence between the Honorary Secretary of Committee and City Manager; includes Memorandum of Agreement between City Council and Committee for provision of premises; includes notice to quit by 1 July 1958.
Extent: c. 25pp
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(ii) Diphtheria Scheme (1922-1947)
   L/AH/PH/1/10. 13 July 1922-7 June 1947 (DjVu - 16 Mb)
    File relating to the implementation of the Diphtheria Immunisation Scheme in Limerick City. File includes correspondence between Department of Local Government and Public Health, Medical Superintendent of Health, town clerk and others. Topics discussed include temporary appointment of nurses, attendants and Dr. J.C. Troy to facilitate the implementation of the scheme; statistics regarding the number of children treated in Limerick City; statistics regarding number of reported cases of Diphtheria; descriptions of the Scheme in Limerick as approved by the Department of Local Government and Public Health; use of St. John’s hospital as a public health clinic.
Extent: c. 150pp
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(iii) Venereal Disease (1934-1954)
   L/AH/PH/1/11/1. 1934-1954 (DjVu - 9.78 Mb)
    File relating to Scheme for Diagnosis and Treatment of Venereal Diseases in County Borough of Limerick. Includes correspondence and agreements mainly between city medical officer, city manager, Department of Local Government and Public Health, and various medical institutions relating to treatment of patients from Limerick County Borough. Includes Agreements for Treatment of Patients Suffering from Venereal Disease between county borough of Limerick and Dr. Stevens Hospital (31 October 1934, 15 April 1946 and 1 October 1947); includes agreement with the Departments of Pathology, Bacteriology and Public Health, University College Dublin (25 September 1934 and 15 April 1946); includes draft agreement with the Hospital of St. Margaret of Cortona (1949) Includes circulars and letters from the Department of Local Government and Public Health discussing topics such as the gratuitous treatment of all seamen irrespective of nationality; establishment of Venereal Disease Clinic Skin Department of Limerick City Home and Hospital; and extension of the Venereal Disease Scheme.
Extent: c. 100pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/11/2. 31 March 1934- 27 September 1951 (DjVu - 7.70 Mb)
    File relating to the recoupment of expenditure under the Scheme for Diagnosis and Treatment of Venereal Diseases in county borough of Limerick under the Venereal Disease Act 1917. Includes correspondence mainly between City Manager and Department of Local Government and Public Health. Topics include approval of the Scheme by the Minister of Health and payment of annual Venereal Disease Grant to the County Borough of Limerick. Includes annual statements of expenditure under the scheme which notes expenditure on ‘treatment centres’, ‘pathological laboratories’, ‘remuneration of Medical Officer’, ‘medicine and drugs’, ‘clerical services’ and ‘any other expenditure’. Includes also various circulars from the Department, such as requests for returns of patients treated and details of charges for patients attending at the Treatment Centre, Dr. Steven’s Hospital, Dublin.
Extent: c. 100pp
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(iv) School Meals Scheme (1929-1942)
   L/AH/PH/1/12/2. 1941-1942 (DjVu - 0.50 Mb)
    File relating to School Meals grants. Closed for conservation.
Extent: 10pp
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(v) Maternity and Child Welfare Scheme
   L/AH/PH/1/13. 18 February 1941-19 March 1949 (DjVu - 5.94 Mb)
    File relating to the Maternity and Child Welfare Scheme administered by County Borough of Limerick. Includes correspondence between the city manager and Department of Local Government and Public Health. Topics; submission of statistical information in relation to operation of scheme; annual financial returns of Limerick Corporation of expenditure under the National Maternity and Child Welfare Grant; supply of food and medical supplies required for the Child Welfare Department from City Dispensary; memoranda issued by Department regarding the benefits of cod liver oil; drafting of revised Maternity and Child Welfare Scheme (1944); accounts of St Joseph’s Nursing Society in Galway.
Extent: c. 70pp
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(vii) Food and Drugs Acts (1908-1950)
   L/AH/PH/1/15. 25 February 1908-31 January 1950 (DjVu - 6.53 Mb)
    File relating to the Registration of premises in Limerick as wholesale dealers in margarine and margarine cheese under the terms of Butter and Margarine Act 1907. File includes correspondence regarding wholesalers applications for registration between town clerk and city manger, various wholesalers, Public Health Committee of Limerick Corporation and the Department of Agriculture, (previously Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland). Includes also a copy of the 1907 Act and memoranda and circulars relating to terms of the act. Includes also plans of Messrs Pearson and Rutters premises, Mulgrave Street and Messrs W and C McDonnell’s premises, Thomas Street.
Extent: 75pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/16/1. 30 July 1909- 20 June 1935 (DjVu - 5.41 Mb)
    File consisting of copies of Local Government Board General Orders, statutory rules and legislation relating to the regulation and inspection of fresh meat produces. Includes Sanitary (Veterinary Inspectors) Order 1909; the Public Health (Veterinary Inspection) Order 1929; Agriculture Produce (Fresh Meat) Bill 1929; Agriculture Produce (Fresh Meat) Act 1930; Disease of Animals (Disinfection) Order of 1931; Pigs and Bacon Act 1935
Extent: 7 Items
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   L/AH/PH/1/16/2. 9 September 1931- 15 April 1936 (DjVu - 1.81 Mb)
    File relating to inspection of meat prior to export to United States of America and to Holland. Includes correspondence between town clerk of Limerick, Department of Local Government and Public Health, J.J. Dundon, chief vetinary inspector for Limerick County Borough and Limerick meat exporters such as J.Matteson and Sons Limited, W.J Shaw and Sons and Messrs O’Mara’s Limited. Topics discussed include appointment of Dundon as certifying officer, returns of carcasses examined and fees payable by exporters.
Extent: 40pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/16/3. 22 July 1935-19 August 1935 (DjVu - 0.20 Mb)
    File relating to granting of curing and slaughtering licences under Pigs and Bacon Act 1935. Includes correspondence between the Department of Agriculture, J.J Dundon, and Limerick Corporation City Manager and Town Clerk.
Extent: 6pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/16/4. 29 August 1931-20 January 1938 (DjVu - 0.72 Mb)
    General file relating to veterinary inspections of meat produce. Includes letter from O’Mara Limited complaining that their factory has been unfairly singled out by unfavourable comments at public meetings (29 August 1931); includes correspondence with Drogheda Corporation regarding the practices of the veterinary inspectors (1936); bye-laws made by Dundalk Urban Council regarding sale of meat for human consumption; includes letters from the Pigs Marketing Board regarding returns of condemnations in bacon factories in Limerick (1937-8).
Extent: 13pp
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E. Other Medical Institutions funded by Limerick County Borough (i) Grants to Barrington’s Hospital, Bedford Row, St. John’s Hospital (1929-1956)
   L/AH/PH/1/17/. 27 February 1929-18 August 1949 (DjVu - 13.2 Mb)
    File of correspondence between the city manager, Barrington’s Hospital, Bedford Row Hospital and St. John’s Hospitals relating to payment of annual Limerick Corporation grants to the hospitals, annual accounts of the hospitals, and the appointment of councillors and the city mayor to the Board of Governors or Managing Committee of the three hospitals to represent the City Council. Includes certificate of application for grant of St. John’s Hospital stating number of patients relieved in previous year and Accounts of Income and Expenditure for said year (1934-1948) and printed annual report for 1929, 1938, 1940, 1943, 1944, 1946, 1947 and 1948. Includes printed Annual Accounts of Bedford Row Hospital for 1927, 1928, 1943, 1947, 1948. Includes printed Annual Report for Barrington’s Hospital and City of Limerick Infirmary (1944); Includes letter from Honorary Medical Secretary of Barrington’s Hospital appealing for their annual grant to be ‘substantially increased’ (26 February 1943). Includes correspondence regarding appeal to the Electricity Supply Board to strike a reduced rate for charitable institutions (1947)
Extent: c. 150 Items
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   L/AH/PH/1/17/2. 15 July 1949-31 December 1957 (DjVu - 6.65 Mb)
    File of correspondence between the city manager, Barrington’s Hospital, Bedford Row Hospital and St. John’s Hospitals relating to payment of annual Corporation Grants to the hospitals and to the appointment of councillors and the city mayor to the Board of Governors or Managing Committee of the three hospitals to represent the City Council. Includes also copies of manager’s orders appointing councillors to the Boards. Includes correspondence regarding the delay in payment of St. John’s Hospital and Barrington’s Hospital due to the refusal of the Boards to pay rates on the hospital (1952). Includes certificate of application for grant of St. John’s Hospital stating number of patients relieved in previous year and Accounts of Income and Expenditure for said year (1949-1950) and printed annual report for 1949, 1952, 1953, 1955-1957). Includes printed Annual Accounts of Bedford Row Hospital (1950, 1953, 1955 and 1956). Includes printed Annual Report for Barrington’s Hospital and City of Limerick Infirmary (1957);
Extent: c. 40pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/17/3. (1811-) 19 October 1932-21 March 1952 (DjVu - 3.38 Mb)
    File relating to payment by Limerick Corporation of the rent of site of Barrington’s Hospital. Includes copy of lease dated 21 September 1811 between John Meade Thomas and Limerick Corporation regarding premises then known as The New Guard House. This site was then demised to Barrington’s Hospital by the Corporation who continued to pay rent on the site. Includes also extracts from the Act 11. Geo. IV. Cap entitled ‘An act for the management and direction of the Hospital founded by Joseph Barrington and his sons in the city of Limerick (19 May 1930)
Extent: c. 30 Items
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(ii) Limerick District Mental Hospital (1943-1944)

Limerick District Mental Hospital Abstract of Accounts for various years ended 31 March.

Abstract list of receipts such as ‘paying patients’ and ‘sales of offal and old stores’ and expenditure such as ‘salaries and wages’ and ‘clothing and bedding’.

Also included is details of apportionment of expenses to the county borough of Limerick and to the County Council; statement of receipt and expenditure on capital moneys; statement of indebtedness on foot of loans; statement of capital debt; statement of balances at close of year; statement of cash assets and liabilities; and statement of average costs of the institution.

   L/AH/PH/1/18/1. 31 March 1943 (DjVu - 0.51 Mb)
    31 March 1943
Extent: 9pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/18/2. 31 March 1944 (DjVu - 0.64 Mb)
    31 March 1944
Extent: 9pp
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F. Joint Committees with Limerick County Board of Health and Public Assistance (1936-1956) (i)LimerickHospitalisation Scheme (1936-1939)
   L/AH/PH/1/19/1. 1 May 1936 (DjVu - 2.22 Mb)
    Copies of report from the Hospitals Commission on the Hospital situation in Limerick city and county. The recommendations outlined in the report include the erection of a new general hospital to serve Limerick city and county and to be a Regional Hospital Centre for Clare, Tipperary and North Kerry.
Extent: 4 Items
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   L/AH/PH/1/19/2. 29 October 1937-23 August 1939 (DjVu - 4.08 Mb)
    Copies of Minutes from the Hospitalization Scheme, Limerick City and County Joint Committee of Limerick Board of Health and Public Assistance and representatives of Limerick Corporation. Meetings held several times per annum. Includes also notices of meetings and meeting agenda’s.
Extent: c. 20 Items
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   L/AH/PH/1/19/3. 1936-1939 (DjVu - 11.3 Mb)
    File relating to hospitalisation in Limerick Area and the establishment of Limerick Regional Hospital. Includes correspondence between the city manager, the Office of the Taoiseach, Department of Local Government and Public Health, Limerick County Council Manager, Medical Superintendent Officer of Health for Limerick City and Limerick County, Limerick County Board of Health and Public Assistance and others. Topics discussed include recommendations of the Hospital Commission for Limerick area; funding from Hospitals Trust Fund for proposed new Regional Hospital; site for hospital; proposed closure of voluntary hospitals, and submissions from parties such as Limerick Men’s Benevolent and Social Association, New York (9 June 1939). Also included are submissions from parties such as Limerick Men’s Benevolent and Social Association, New York (9 June 1939).
Extent: c. 40 Items
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(ii) Joint Authority for LimerickCityand County (1947-1950)
   L/AH/PH/1/20/1. June 1947 (DjVu - 5.01 Mb)
    File relating to proposals by Limerick City Council to establish a joint public assistance authority for the county borough of Limerick, county of Limerick and county of Clare contiguous to the city of Limerick. Includes letter to the Minister for Health from M. O’Maicin (city manager) regarding the development of public health services in Limerick since 1921, existing services, and the benefits of a joint public assistance authority (4 July 1947). Includes also notes relating to drafting of letter; table showing summary of Mental Hospital Committee demands (1935-1947); letters from the District Mental Hospital, Limerick regarding stoppage of pension and health insurance payments to inmates.
Extent: 30 pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/20/2. 1947-1950 (DjVu - 3.30 Mb)
    File relating to the Health Act 1947 and proposals to establish a mother and child health service under the act. File consists of circulars from the Department of Health outlining the proposals.
Extent: 3 Items
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   L/AH/PH/1/21/1. 1952-1953 (DjVu - 3.29 Mb)
    File relating to White Paper issued by the Department of Health for improved and extended Health Services. Includes copy of White Paper; copy of report of conference of Local Authorities to consider paper; Health Bill 1952; correspondence from the Catholic Societies Vocational Organisation commenting that ‘the scheme of Public Health Services proposed in the White Paper is contrary to the principles of Social Justice, and, if implemented, will constitute a grave encroachment on the rights of the individual…’(19 January 1953)
Extent: c. 10 Items
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   L/AH/PH/1/21/2. 13 March 1954-15 May 1956 (DjVu - 6.13 Mb)
    File relating to various meetings between Limerick City Council and the Minister for Health to discuss matters such as the Health Act 1953, the administration of public assistance in Limerick, and the establishment of a joint authority to administer public health in Limerick city and county. Includes letters to city councillors regards travelling arrangements to Dublin, correspondence between the Department of Health and Limerick City Council, reports prepared outlining outcomes of city council deputations to the Minister on on 1 April 1954, 27 January 1955, 15 May 1956 and report of conference between Limerick City Council and Minister for Health, 1 October 1954. Includes also draft notes and statements circulated to city council deputies prior to meetings with the minister. Includes comments such as ‘it was felt that if a joint district was formed, the Health Services of the county would be very much improved…’ (Report on Deputation which waited on Minister for Health, 27 January 1955).
Extent: c. 60pp
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   L/AH/PH/1/21/3. 16 February 1956-13 April 1956 (DjVu - 0.32 Mb)
    File relating to Irish Hospitals Study Tour 1956 and visit to Limerick Regional Hospital, organised by the International Hospitals’ Federation. Includes memorandum from Eamonn de Barra (organising secretary, Irish Hospital Study Tour); program of Hospital Visits; letter from D. F. Donovan (Limerick County secretary); draft of Mayor’s address to the members of the International Hospitals’ Federation.
Extent: 13 pp
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