Register of Electors

Limerick City and County Councils prepare a new Register of Electors each year. It is published on 1st February each year and comes into force for a period of twelve months beginning on 15th February of each year. Persons aged 18 years or over on the day the register comes into force (15th February) are entitled to be on the register. The address at which a person is registered will be the address he/she resides on the 1st September preceding publication. A person can register at one address only. View the Register of Electors Online.


While every resident is entitled to be registered, the registration authority needs to know a person’s citizenship to determine at which elections a person may vote. The right to vote is as follows:

Table 1. Who can vote
Resident typeElection type
Irish Citizens: May vote at every election and referendum
British Citizens: May vote at Dail, European and Local Elections only
Other EU Citizens: May vote at European & Local Elections only
Non-EU Citizens: May vote at Local Elections only



A draft register is published by 1st November each year. The draft register is made available at Limerick City and County Councils offices and also at the libraries, post offices, Garda Stations and other public offices and the public are invited to check that they are properly registered.Claims for addition or deletion of names must be made by 25th November and these are ruled on by the County Registrar. Interested parties are notified of his decision and can appeal to the Circuit Court if dissatisfied.


The final register is used at every election and referendum held during the year. If you find that you are omitted from the register, you can apply to be included on a supplement to the register by completing the green form (RFA2).


Various categories of persons can seek registration as postal voters in respect of the Defence Forces, the Gardai Siochana, Diplomats serving abroad, certain disabled voters living at home, and persons who cannot attend at their own polling station by reason of their occupation/education, and Prisoners. Persons who reside in a hospital, nursing home or similar institution can apply for inclusion on the Special Voters List. The latest date by which applications must be received is 25th November and a new application must be made for each year.


Local Authorities now have an obligation to prepare two versions of the register of electors - the edited register and the full register.

The Edited Register will contain the names and addresses of persons, who have indicated that their details can be used for direct marketing use by a commercial or other organisation. The Full Register lists everyone, who is entitled to vote, and once the Edited Register has been published, the Full Register can only be used for an electoral or other statutory purpose. You are required to indicate whether or not you wish to have your details included on the Edited Register.


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