Corporate Plan 2005-2009

Limerick City Council Corporate Plan

Limerick City Council had its first Corporate Plan in place for the period 2001 to 2004. This was a very extensive plan that contained ambitious targets for improvements to services to the public and for the enhancement of democracy. While a lot of the objectives of the first Plan have been realised, it is fair to say that there is scope for further improvements and the opportunity now presents itself for greater change going forward in the second Corporate Plan.

Section 134 of the Local Government Act 2001 requires each local authority to prepare a plan for the lifespan of the new council i.e. for the period 2005 to 2009. The document will set out our principal activities and our objectives and priorities for these as we move forward and our vision for that period and beyond. It is essential to the process that we take account of the environment in which we now operate and have realistic regard to the resources and constraints which will impact on our capacity to deliver change.

Key Elements of the Plan

The main body of the plan will set out the following:

1. Mission Statement

This is intended to describe the raison d'être of the Council and what it aims to achieve in the future.

2. Core Values

The key values that underpin and guide our actions, our delivery of services and the culture in which we operate.

3. Strategic Objectives

These aim to translate the mission statement into a series of high-level statements, expressing what the Council wants to achieve across its main areas of activity.

4. Supporting Strategies

These set out the means by which the strategic objectives will be achieved.

5. Measures to Assess Progress

These indicate the type of measures that will be used to assess progress on implementation of the various strategies. More detailed performance/service indicators/targets will be set out in individual Directorate Operational Plans.

6. Annual Operational Plans

The strategic objectives and supporting strategies will be delivered through the adoption of annual operational plans for each directorate (department) within the Council.

7. Actions and Performance/Service Targets

Operational plans will contain specific actions directly linked to the supporting strategies. These operational actions will be the various activities planned by each directorate to deliver on the various supporting strategies. Performance or service targets for achieving these actions will allow the Council to monitor the implementation of the Corporate Plan.

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