Africa Day

Africa Day, designated by the African Union as an annual celebration of the continent’s unity, falls on 25th May each year.  Celebrations to mark the day occur across the globe: in some African states, it is a designated national holiday, while in diverse cities – such as New York, London and Washington – academic gatherings and cultural showcases mark the day.

Africa Day 2013 is an especially important celebration: it marks the 50th anniversary of Africa Day and African unity.  This will offer an important opportunity to reflect on the progress and transformation that has taken place across the African continent, as well as the issues that continue to hinder development, such as security, hunger and inequality.

Irish Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has been the driving force behind Africa Day celebrations in Ireland since 2006.

Irish Aid support events to mark Africa Day in 2013 including an Africa Day Dublin, a flagship family event in Dublin on Sunday, 26th May 2013, a series of events throughout Ireland in partnership with the city councils in Cork, LimerickGalway and Waterford and the Africa Day 2013 Book Club.

Africa Day 2013 is guided and supported by the national Africa Day advisory committee. It is comprised of people with an expertise / interest in Africa Day, as well as representatives from Irish Aid. Irish Aid has contracted a consultancy – DHR Communications – to support the delivery of a programme for Africa Day 2013.  DHR Communications’ experience in staging and promoting Africa Day events since 2008, on behalf of Irish Aid, will be leveraged by both the advisory committee and the individual councils.

For further details on the events in Limerick, please see either Press Release or list of events below or see

   Africa Day 2013 Press Release (MS Word - 614 Kb)
    Africa Day 2013 Press Release

   Africa Day 2013 Limerick Events (PDF - 517 Kb)
    Africa Day 2013 Limerick Events

Last update:19/08/2013