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   Limerick City Arts Strategy (PDF - 1,280 Kb)

   Community Arts Spaces Vol.1 (PDF - 7,165 Kb)
    A Guide to Community Arts Facilities in Limerick City

Limerick City Council's support for the Arts

An overview of The Arts Service

Limerick City Council provides a range of arts and cultural services through its combined support for the Arts Service, Limerick City Gallery of Art, The Library Service and The Museum Service. Together these services provide programmes of activities that create an access for all approach to service provision.

Limerick City Council was one of the first local authorities to jointly fund, with the Arts Council the position of Arts Officer in 1988. This joint funding arrangement continues to the present day. In 2002, The Limerick Integrated Arts Strategy was published outlining six strategic action areas that set out to achieve an inclusive and co-ordinated approach to arts provision in the city.

  1. Public planning and support for the arts
  2. The Creative City
  3. Public access and participation
  4. The individual artist
  5. Infrastructure and facilities for the arts
  6. Collaboration and partnership

The following are the range of services provided by The Arts Office of Limerick City Council;

1. Information and Advice

Support and advice for people in the arts community and those interested in engaging with the arts, and the general public.

2. Supporting and developing The Arts Infrastructure of the City

  • Recommendations on revenue funding for established arts organisations
  • Recommendations on Grants under the Arts Act
  • Facilitation of development of cultural infrastructure through partnership
  • Management of Limerick Artists' Studios
  • Membership of the boards of management committees of a number of events, organisations and institutions.

3. Support for the Individual Artist

  • For residencies, travel bursaries and specific originated arts interventions

4. Arts Programming

    Annual events such as The Kate O'Brien Weekend, eva International, Cuisle Poetry Festival

5. Art form development

  • support for festivals as part of the annual cultural calendar
  • support for organisations involved in art forms such as theatre, dance, visual art, music, literature, architecture, community arts

6. Art and Education

The new curriculum for primary education has placed a new emphasis on the imprtance of contemporary arts in the context of education at this level.  The City Arts Office has played a role in approaching schools and in facilitating art activities of a high artistic standard.

The renaming of the Arts Office as the Arts Service in 2002 represented a commitment to the concept of a service that understands and works to meet the needs of artists, participants in arts activities, audiences, and the general public. The Arts Service is therefore a proactive developmental endeavour.


Arts Officer

Phone: (061) 407421, 407363
Fax: (061) 415266

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm

Arts Officer
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