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Limerick Society of Friends Munster Province Records

I Minutes of Men’s Meetings (1779-1848)

Minutes of meetings of Limerick Society of Friends men’s meetings.  Meetings were held every six weeks until 20 September 1789, and from then on they were held monthly. Minutes note correspondence received, epistles, reports, burials, birth and marriage notices and a brief summary of the decisions taken at each meeting, including appointments and tasks such as accessing a person’s eligibility to join the Society of Friends. Correspondence and reports from various national and international meetings and women’s meetings are also noted.

  • MM/IX/A1                 16 April 1779-11 November 1828                               
  • MM/IX/A2                 13 January 1829 -11 July 1848                                
  • MM/IX/A6                 15 August 1848-19 August 1956


II  Minutes of Women’s Meetings (1793-1881)  

Minute Book containing minutes of women’s monthly meetings held in Limerick. The minutes note proceedings and epistles from previous quarterly and yearly meetings both national and international ‘An instructive epistle from the yearly meeting of New York held 5th month 1836 .. has now been read’p199; includes reports from Friends on various matters including impending marriages; ‘Margaret Unthank having reported that nothing has appeared to obstruct the further proceeding of Deborah Fisher with regard to her marriage to Josiah Richard Gough and a similar report having been made by the men’s meeting appoints Margaret Unthank to attend at the marriage and to see that good order be observed there and at the house same day and evening’ p162.  Includes reports from the school committee, the library committee, decisions nominating and approving friends to serve on various committees and as referred to advices and queries.

  • MM/IX/B1            17 July 1729- 9 April 1793                                                       
  • MM/IX/B2            11 June 1793- 11 October 1842                                                          
  • MM/IX/B3            15 November 1842- 26 June 1881                 


III Ministers and Elders (1832-1853)

Minute Book of Limerick  Ministers and Elders recording the minutes of Ministers and Elders meetings in Limerick. Meetings consisted of men and women friends who met every three or four months. The minutes note the queries addressed and answers given at the meeting.                                

  • MM/IX/C1       13 July 1832- 4 April 1853                 


IV Record of Sufferings (1777-1857)

Record of Sufferings documenting the Tithes forceably taken from Friends by public authorities; includes an alphabetical index and extracts from wills of Friends.

  •  MMIXG1   11 June 1777-[9 March 1857]


V Account books (1805-1951)

Limerick Monthly Meeting Account Book 16 September 1805- [..] 1809.

Handwritten volume recording the finances for the provision of  a new meeting house including a list of committee members appointed by Limerick Monthly Meeting  and a breakdown of the costs; ‘nails at £29,11,2 and Labourers at £22,10,5.5; includes information on subscriptions including the names of those who donated and the amounts they gave. (Difficult to read)

  • MM/IX/J1        16 September 1805- [..] 1809                       

Limerick Monthly Meeting Accounts 1 January 1918-9 March 1955.

Handwritten volume recording the annual accounts of the Limerick Monthly meeting, detailing credits ‘India Stock’, recovered income tax and expenditure on items such as workman’s insurance, coal, postage. Includes sheets with rough calculations. The back pages list subscriptions from 1918-1927.

  • MM/IX/J2         1 January 1918-9 March 1955           


VI  Notices of Removals (1781-1864)

Limerick Monthly Meeting Removals

Volume containing hand written notices of removal from the Quaker society withletters from those voluntarily leaving the society. Notices include the name of the person being disowned, their offences against the Society, the date and the events which led to the decision to disown them. Includes alphabetical indexes. Various reasons are given for a person’s removal the most common being marrying someone of ‘a different persuasion in religion’. Other reasons include joining the army which violates the non violent principles of the Quakers displaying inappropriate conduct, John Phillips was disowned by the society for ‘frequenting public houses, dancing, associating with idle unprofitable company, neglecting his mother’s [..] to whom he is an apprentice (..) and openly carried arms’18pp. Issac Wood guilty of dishonesty towards his employer 21pp. ‘James Fisher who had his birth and education amongst us the society of friends for want of due attention to the principle of truth which he professes to be our guide and which we believed to be sufficient to preserve all (..) having suffered his natural affections to involve him in attachment to a young woman of different profession’ 42pp. Each removal notice is signed by the clerk. The most common reason for a person leaving of their own accord is different religious ideals; Includes certificates of recommendation to friends of other meetings for friends moving to the area as well as certificates from other areas to Limerick, signed by members of both men’s and women’s meetings . (Many of the pages are blurred and difficult to read)

  • MM/IX/K1             12 June 1781-12 May 1864                            


VII Births (1812-1912)

A. Limerick Birth Notes 1812-1912

Volume containing birth notes arranged in chronological order by date. Each birth note contains names of parents and child, witness signatures, place and parish of birth as well as date of the monthly meeting that it was examined on.  Includes an index of names with numbers which correspond to the numbers on the certificates.

  • MM/IX/M2        13 September 1812-27 July 1912                                   


B. Limerick Birth Register 1812-1948

Register of Births containing a numerical index of names with a number beside each one which corresponds to the register. Information is recorded under the following headings: under the following headings: ‘number’, ‘when born’, ‘where born’ ‘name’, ‘son or daughter’, ‘name of parents’ ‘residence’, ‘description of father’.

  • MM/IX/M3       3 September 1812-5 June 1948                      


VIII Burials ( 1812-1895)

Limerick Burial Notes 1812-1895

Volume of handwritten/printed burial notes written to the ‘gravemaker’,  noting the date the notice was sent, the date the grave is needed for, the chosen burial ground, the name, age and address of the deceased and the date of burial signed by the ‘gravemaker’.

Later certificates include details on the marital status and parents of the deceased; Includes an index of names with numbers beside them which correspond to the certificates. Includes a letter at the back of the volume concerning the effects of the reduction in subscriptions for Brookfield Agricultural School in Co Down dated 14 October 1887.

Includes copies of a certificate of recommendation for Suzanne Sophie Alexander who moved from Cork to Limerick and a letter from Philadelphia meeting to say that Suzanna Foyle originally a member of the Limerick meeting had died. 

  • MM/IX/M4            1 May 1812-13 April 1895              


IX Limerick Family Records (1817-1840)

Volume containing the names of the members of Limerick monthly meeting 1817; Includes an alphabetical list and in the case of women states to whom they are married.

  • MM/IX/M5                 1817-1840            


X Marriage Records (1812-1943)Limerick Monthly Meeting Marriage Certificates

Bound volume containing marriage certificates and an alphabetical index of couples. Information on the certificates includes names of bride and groom and their parents, where they are from, where and when the marriage took place, witness signatures. Includes a letter of confirmation of marriage.

  • MM/IX/M6               17 July 1812-14 June 1943                                               

Limerick Monthly Meeting Marriage Register 1848-1950

Register of marriages which includes marriage date, church and parish in which the marriage took place, witness signatures, age - usually  ‘of age’, profession or rank, residence at the time of marriage, fathers name and surname, rank or profession of father, and condition - bachelor or widow, of those getting married. Includes 22 marriage certificates as well as a printed ‘minute of instructions’ from the Yearly Meeting Committee held 13 February 1845 which discusses the provisions of the ‘Act of Marriages in Ireland and for Registering such Marriages also contains a letter from the General Register Office outlining how to implement the new provisions for registering marriage certificates.

  • MM/IX/M8                6 January 1848-30 May 1950

XI Register of Deaths (1812-1952)

Handwritten ‘Register of Deaths’ containing an alphabetical index of names with a number beside each one which corresponds to the numbers on the register. The register contains information under the following headings: ‘number’, ‘when died’, ‘name’, ‘age’, ‘residence’, ‘description’, eg ‘single woman’ ‘when buried’ and ‘where buried’.

  • MM/IX/M9                   30 April 1812- 14 March 1952



XII Relief Committee Minutes  (1847)

Volume of handwritten minutes and correspondence of Limerick Relief Committee meetings. Minutes record those present at the meeting, all committee correspondence which mainly consists of requests for assistance e.g. ‘Contributions for the purpose of providing a portion of bread for the destitute children who daily attend the Parochial Female School at Killaloe and Ballina’ and replies, each letter begins ‘respected friend’.

Also includes records of grants made by the Irish Auxiliary Central Relief Committee showing to whom the grant was given, the area for which it was provided, it’s amount and purpose e.g. ‘£10 was given to the Bishop of Killaloe for a soup/porridge shop’.

  • MM/IX/P1                   24 January 1847- l 12 April 1847                     
  • MM/IX/P2                   17 April 1847-[20 May 1847]                        
  • MM/IX/P3                   14 April 1847-6 July 1847                       



XIII Library Committee Minutes  (1826-1842)

Minute Book of Limerick Society of Friends Library Committee recording those present at the meeting, the decisions taken, titles of books approved and ordered for the library. The minutes are brief, some simply say ‘Nothing at present to occupy our attention’

  • MM/IX/R1                   2 July 1827-9 January 1842   


XV Limerick Monthly Meeting Miscellaneous Papers 1817-1852

Contains minutes of meetings of the Tract Committee relating to the printing and distribution of tracts, as well as information from the annual general meetings of the Tract Association.

  • MM/IX/Z4                           20 April 1817-31 March 1852

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