How to Contribute a photo to the Mount St Lawrence project

   Permission to Publish Photographs MS Word - 84 Kb | PDF - 84 Kb)
    Requirements for Scanned Photos for Mount St Lawrence project

Following on from the release of the Mount Saint Lawrence Transcription Records online in August of 2013 Limerick City Archives in conjunction with Mary Immaculate College will be releasing a book detailing the lives of people interred in Mount Saint Lawrence Cemetery.

Limerick City Archives is seeking family photographs of individuals or groups buried in Mount Saint Lawrence Cemetery from members of the public to include into this publication.

Follow the following guidelines if you wish to donate your photographs to this project:

1. Download the permission form, which will allow the Limerick City Archives to include your photograph in the publication. (Link above: Permission to publish photogtaphs)

1. Sign the permission slip, rescan and attach in the email along with your photographs. We cannot use your photograph without your permission so it is vital that you return

2. Photograph scanning requirements:

Scan photographs as a .jpg at 600 dpi (most scanners allow you to change the scanning resolution in the settings section. 600 dpi is needed for publication purposes)

Include names of those known in the photograph (example John Joe on left in hat, Patrick on right of photograph named smith1)

Include a short bio of individuals in the photographs (example Joe Smith lived in Garryowen, he worked in Cannocks, he was buried on 6 May 1947)

Email the photograph and signed permission form to

Check List:
√ Scanned Photo in jpeg format at 600dpi
√ Signed and Scanned Release Form
√ All information that you have on the individuals in the image and their story

Thank You

Last update:06/09/2013